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Pool Party in Gurgaon

Pool Party

By the time we hear pool party, we fill ourselves with excitement. This is the only way to have greatest fun in the hot summer that makes most of the people feel sick. Pool party in the peaceful natural environment makes it more attractive. This fun filled enjoyable activity has a great positive impact on our body.

In order to squeeze the full fun out of your pool party, head towards Village Masti Resort in Gurgaon. Located in a small village of Isaka in Sohna, this sumptuous farm house comprises 12 acres of green land with a sizeable swimming pool. By the time you look at the sight of this spellbinding swimming pool, your body forces you to jump on its clean water. Village Masti Resort is surrounded by the lush green trees and is overlooked by massive Aravali Hills. The most beautiful place in Gurgaon is only two hour drive away from Delhi. All the fun loving youths must visit here. It is one of the best destinations for best summer retreat near Delhi.

Village Masti Resort is the getaway to experience nature at its best. You can also walk around the lush green lawns. Admire the beautiful lemon garden. Watch the cute Amla trees. Take photographs with Pomegranate tree. Other than pool party, you get the great atmoshphere to give yourself rejuvenating fresh air.

Visit Village Masti Resort for an audacious pool party and hit the water with splash. Play the games like Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows. To play these games you don’t need any toys. Have a water fight with your friends. Play volleyball. You can do countless things to have lots of fun in the pool party. Just pay a visit.

Pool Party Package

Duration Pool Party (5:30-11:00 Hrs)

Cost per person Rs 1200/- for Minimum Guarantee of 20 Adults.

Costs are inclusive of:

Tentative Food Menu:

Terms & Condition:-

Picnic Spots in Gurgaon Package

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