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Valentine Day Special Packages

Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day

It's been only a while since we had welcomed 2018 and had celebrated New Year. Now the January is taking leave, the month of 28 days is coming and I know every couple or singles are waiting desperately for its 14th day.

14th February known as Valentine's Day worldwide is attracting all the couples out there with its recently released packages. Before going for any Valentine's Day Package, you must build trust upon that because it is the best possible day to express your feelings for the person you love. Those who find it very difficult to admit what they feel for their special person, Valentine's Day serves as a boon for them and going with packages shed off their worries of arranging a lovely set up.

No matter how much you and your sweetheart or baby is in love with each other, the arrangements are going to tell them whether you have put your best to make the day special or not. So you must look for a place which offers a nice setting to mix great romance into your Valentine's Day. Sitting in a sleepy village of Sohna in Gurgaon, Village Masti Resort is an ideal destination near Delhi to make the most out of your Valentine's Day. It is set against the mesmerizing backdrop of nature and is overlooked by mighty Aravali Hills. Here nature has ornamented itself in a striking way. The amenities and talented staffs are remarkable. The premises of Village Masti Resort has a swimming pool, lush green lawns, enchanting garden and set up for countless adventure activities. Don't be too shy to create love in every corner of this resort. Valentine's Day is all yours. Take your partners to this lovely place and share the romantic moments. Kindly go through our Valentine's Day Package given below.

Valentine’s Day Picnic Package

Special Theme of Food :-

Special Couple activities :-

Outdoor Activities :-

Adventure Activities:

Outdoor Games :-

Rides –

Tractor Ride, Camel Cart.(On the minimum guarantee of 15 Paxs.)

Fun Games –

Tug of war, Musicial Chair, Mutka for.

Outdoor games like -

Volley Ball, Badminton, Cricket etc.

Ethnic Indian Games –

Latto, Gulli Danda, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Pithoo, Kitkit.

Family Games –

Tambolla, Carrom, Cards, Ludo, Chess.

Water Spots –

Swimming Pool, Rain Dance , Mud Bath

Inclusions on APAI :-

Package of Day-Outing:-

Cost per Couple Rs. 2400/- for minimum guarantee of 1 Couple.

Tentative Food Menu:

Note :-

Terms & Condition:-

Picnic Spots Near Delhi

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